August 29 2019



Fall In Love (Slum Village Remix)


Motormouf is this week’s special guest in The Moonshine Sessions.... the original hip hop hippy treated us to two tracks including his anti-gun violence song ‘Piece’ plus a live remix of Detroit rappers Slum Village’s ‘Fall In Love’.

Beatboxer Alex Young has been astonishing audiences far and wide with his unsurpassable skill and vocal abilities. Using just a mic and loop sampler, he creates huge pulsing rhythms and big beats in mere seconds seemingly out of nowhere which he then breaks down and mixes live. Meanwhile he switches from rap to poetic streams of consciousness and even singing, sending the listener to fantastic voyages floating somewhere amongst the far-out space debris or directing our immediate attention to the crisis in the streets and the worldwide strife caused by the rich and powerful.

The summer has seen Alex appear at Sneinton Stirred Up collaborative arts festival in his hometown, Stein Fest in Derby, Fast & Bulbous in Hull plus playing gigs all around the UK blowing the roof off packed out venues wherever he goes. Growing from local legend to becoming a true nationwide phenomenon, Motormouf’s engine is revved up to fifth gear and there is no stopping him now!