January 8 2019


Juga-Naut - M1 North

Juga-Naut - Acrylic & Oil

Juga-naut is this week’s special guest in The Moonshine Sessions.... bringing the sound of the street to your ears, the producer and MC from Nottingham brings you bursts of brilliance with his killer tracks ‘M1 North’ and ‘Acrylic & Oil’.

Jugz has already attained local celebrity status and is breaking out of the city confines to achieve nationwide notoriety for his exquisite lyrical dexterity and hardcore beats displayed on his own projects plus his collaborations with well-known artists worldwide. He has played support for such rap royalty as Rakim, KRS-One, DJ Premier, Ghostfaced Killah and Big Daddy Kane proving his calibre and the level to which he is rising.